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We are the Mercedes 190 owners forum, the place to be for all owners and fans of the Mercedes 190E, 190 and 190D cars. Including Cosworth (2.3 16v and 2.5 16v), EVO 1 and EVO 2 models. Modified and concourse, track cars and daily drivers, all are welcome.

This free UK based forum was started back in November 2005 to serve the Mercedes 190 W201 community and now has over 9000 members from all around the world and 600,000 + posts.

The members welcome you and encourage you to stay a while and have a look around.
We offer you friendly chat and access to some very useful information as well as tutorials with photos and videos for many common repair and maintenance jobs.
Whatever your needs there is a good chance you will be able to find what your looking for. Such as our Mercedes 190 buyers guide

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Mercedes-Benz World GTG 2nd September 2018 Yesterday, 6:02 PM, By 57bob
Topics: 390 Replies: 16,880
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in here.
2 or 20 cars
we want to see them.
Magnificent Motors Tue May 8, 2018 6:24 am, By rhysmangatmotorsport
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