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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Questions about mercedes-190.co.uk

    How much does it cost?
    The forum is entirely free, paid for by advertising where needed.
    When did it start?
    I dunno, seems like ages ago.
    Who runs it?
    The forum is owned by merc190uk (steve), administration is done by the Admin team and a team of moderators help control the rabble. A list of the staff can be seen here :- http://mercedes-190.co.uk/stats/staff/
    Why should I sign up?
    As a member you will have access to lots of hidden sections that are not available to guests. You will also be able to post in threads and message other members.
    Are you connected to Mercedes-Benz ?
    No, we are not in anyway connected to Mercedes-Benz other than the fact most of us own and drive one or are at least a fan of them.
    How can I help?
    Just participating is all we request although visit the affiliate links page for ways you can earn a small amount of money to help.
    Can I buy forum merchanise?
    Forum stickers are available from rich27.
    Is there a tutorials section?
    There is a list of tutorials HERE
  • Using the forum

    How do I track messages threads, can I be notified of replys by email ?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to be sent emails when threads get replies. You can however track them. At the very bottom of the thread you wish to track you will see 'track topic'. Clicking that will add the thread to your subscriptions. You can view your subscriptions by clicking on 'preferences' up top. This means you can easily see any threads you decide to track without having to hunt for them.
    Why has my post not appeared ?
    By far the most likely reason is that you have accidentally clicked the 'report' button instead of the 'reply' button. Failing that you may have posted in the wrong thread.
    How do I view recent activity ?
    Click on the 'recent posts' button at the top right to see a list of the most recent posts.
    Can I change the email address the board has for me?
    At some point you may want to change the email address you registered your account with due to security reasons or simply because you have a new address. To do so, follow these steps.

    At the top of the forum, click the Preferences button.
    In the Board Settings table, select Change Email Address.
    Fill out the form with your new email address, taking care to type it correctly. You will also have to fill in your current password. This is a security measure put in place to prevent misuse of your account by another individual.
    Once you've correctly filled in your information, click the Change Address button. If the change was successful, you will be returned to the Preferences page and a notice will inform you that your email address has been changed.
    Can I add my own avatar ?
    An avatar is a small icon that is displayed in your profile and next to each of your posts. It is a form of visual identification beyond your forum username. You may upload an image from your computer or select an image from the default galleries to use as your avatar.

    To add an an avatar from your computer, follow these steps:

    At the top of the forum, click the Preferences button.
    In the Profile Options menu, select Change Avatar.
    In the Custom Avatar menu, click the Browse button, which is next to the Upload Avatar field.
    Navigate to the folder that contains the image file you want to upload, select it, and click the Open button.
    Ensure that the trail to the image file in the Upload Avatar field is correct, and click the Use Uploaded Avatar button.
  • Frequently asked questions about the 190

    Why do my centre vents only blow cold?
    They are supposed to be cold as it is part of the design of the 190 (aka the poor mans a/c).
    My dash lights don't work, what's wrong?
    To adjust the dash lights turn the tripometer button on the left. No need to push it, simply twist it clockwise to brighten the speedo clocks, heater controls, electric light switches(this also adjusts the rear door switches), and sunroof switch.
    The clock adjusting button is on the right, if you push and turn that you will adjust the clock. Funnily enough!
    I am looking to buy a 190, what should I look out for?
    For details of what to look out for when buying a Mercedes 190 see our 190 buyers guide
    What models are available?

    190E 1.8
    190 2.0 (carb model, no fuel injection)
    190E 2.0
    190E 2.3 (not released in the UK)
    190E 2.3 16v (sometimes known as cosworth)
    190E 2.5 16v (sometimes known as cosworth)
    190E 2.6 (6 cylinder)
    190D 2.0 (diesel)
    190D 2.5 (diesel)
    190D 2.5t (turbo diesel, not available in the UK)
    My steering is squeaking when I turn at low speed - why could this be?
    It is recommended that you have your lower front balljoints inspected/replaced as a precaution.
    On a automatic, what does the "E" and "S" stand for next to the gear selector ?
    (E)conomy and (S)tandard not Sport
    How can I eliminate the 'clonk' in my drivetrain?
    Your propshaft donuts may have play in them.
    What size is the wiper blade?
    How far can I lower my 190 and still retain the standard shocks?
    It is generally accepted that you can lower by 40mm without changing the shock absorbers, but the car will handle better if you uprate the shocks as well. If you lower any further the lifespan of the standard shock will be significantly reduced.
    What size speakers fit into the dash?
    10cm (4inch).
    What are the recommended tyre sizes for a 15" wheel?
    185/65/15 or 205/55/15. On standard suspension 195/65/15 and 205/60/15 will work if no mudflaps are fitted.
    What are the recommended tyre sizes for a 16" wheel?
    225/45/16 , 205/50/16 will also work.
    What size tyres should I fit to 17 inch alloys on a 190 without the risk of rubbing?
    What are those plastic door claddings called ?
    They are called 'Sacco panels' , named after Bruno Sacco who designed this and many other Mercs of the period.
    How do I raise my bonnet up to the vertical position?
    Once the bonnet is lifted to half way, press the metal spring clip situated half way up the bonnet strut. You can then raise the bonnet up to vertical. To lower the bonnet again press the little red button incorporated into the bonnet hinge by the battery, and gently lower the bonnet, supporting its weight so it doesnt fall.
    What wheel fitting is the 190?
    The Mercedes 190e/190d uses wheels with 5 nuts at 112mm PCD (pitch circle diameter), 35 to 42 offset and a 66.5mm center bore. It is possible to fit wheels from 14inch to 18inch although 18 does normally require some arch work. The mercedes standard steel wheels are 15inch, although some very early cars came with 14 inch.
  • Common abbreviations

    What is an ARB?
    Anti Roll Bar
    LHD or RHD?
    Left hand drive / Right hand drive
    What is OVP?
    Over voltage protection (relay).
    What is SLS?
    Self Leveling Suspension which is hydraulicly operated. Standard in 16v's and optional extras on other models.
    What is ASD?
    The ASD is an electronically controlled, hydraulically locking differential which activates automatically when required. The electronic control allows varied amounts of differential lock from the standard 15% right up to 100%. It is not a traction control system however, and can only maximize traction rather than prevent wheel spin. Activation of the ASD system is indicated by an illuminating amber triangle in the speedometer.
    What is a valver?
    This is a slang term for the 16v models, ie the 2.3-16v and the 2.5-16v.
    Whats a GTG?
    A GTG is a Get ToGether, when members meet up.

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