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Factory fitted immobiliser - is it ok to disconnect the battery?!
Topic Started: Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:33 pm (1,740 Views)
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I'm wondering if disconnecting the battery (to change the aerial) will affect the immobiliser as I don't have a key to reset it. Any wisdom anyone?
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If the Immobiliser is switched off (ie you never use it), then you should be ok.
My car has a Sigma Alarm / Immobiliser and on the siren in the engine bay is the on/off switch, which is key-operated.
The remote fob is dead so I never use it, and the switch remains in the off position.

When I disconnect the battery it lets out the odd chirp, but doesn't turn on or anything.
Recently replaced my battery with no issues too.
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If you have any issues starting the car after reconnecting try reconnecting the positive terminal first, that should help. If you have a laserline model with a dash contact switch you have to have the fob on the contact switch and at the same time someone else connects the positive terminal. :$
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Do the dealer fit sigma alarms have a built in immobilisers or are they simply and alarm? My insurance comp asked if mine had an imob but all I could say was it had a manufacturer/dealer fitted alarm and didn't know if it had an immobiliser.
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Mine is either an SG1 or SG2 and the booklet (which covers SG0, SG1 & SG2) infers that it is both an Alarm & Immobiliser as standard.
Immobiliser was a cost option on the SG0.
Next time I'm in the car I'll try and determine the exact model number of mine. It has the interior ultrasonic sensors, dash LED, etc.
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