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2.3 16v; For Sale
Topic Started: Mon Oct 9, 2017 7:03 am (796 Views)
Part of things
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The time has come to sell my 190e I have had the car since September 2010 and have enjoyed almost every minute, I have included some pictures and tried to list most of the work done before and during the time I have owned the car, I am not sure what money the car is worth as you see some advertised for mental money, I had a figure in mind please could you give me some feed back on the price.
I have all the standard parts and loads if spares for the car, the mot was done September as has no advisory's, I will service and replace the rear passengers electric window motor as it is not working at present.
I have folder which came with the car containing a very comprehensive list of servicing etc, I have every receipt for all the parts I have fitted to the car.

Before I bought the car it had the exhaust manifold replaced, the timing chain has been replaced and the tappets had been reshimed by Mercedes.

Stuff I have done to the car

Full respray last year, all body kit,trim, lights, handles, glass etc removed, replacement driver rear door fitted and New Mercedes Drivers front wing fitted.
New windscreen Mercedes one.
All body panels below the body kit have been wax oiled before the kit was refitted, whole underside of the car has also been wax oiled.

Dotz Mulago Dark 17"alloys standard wheels also come with the car.
Bilstein B4 shocks all round with Eiback springs.
New disks and pads all round EDC pads fitted, callipers have been painted red with AMG stickers.
Front and rear strut braces fitted.
new front top mount heavy duty bushes installed
Braded brake lines fitted (red)
New track rod end arms (all)
Mercedes bottom ball joints fitted
de badged front grill (I have another two grills that will come with the car)
the tappet have been rechecked by Mercedes tech.
the drivers mirror has been changed for USA mirror so both are the smaller square type and both are electric, with switch from later model fitted to control them
Momo stearing wheel.
both lap timer and temp display have been sorted.
Pioneer 4" direct replacement front speakers and infinity 6x9" rears, Pioneer stereo/DVD player with blue tooth and I pod attachment.
K&N air filter
replacement central locking pump.
Car has two keys and is garaged, as I work offshore the car is only used three weeks out of six so not used daily mileage is 140,000
I will have left so much information out please feel free to give me a phone Derek 07576239372

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Edited by zoomydek, Mon Oct 9, 2017 7:14 am.
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Part of things
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Car is now sold.
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Always On The Ball
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That's not a surprise really, nice car. Well done ✅
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hi all im new to the forum bought this, must say dek was a gent!
had a great drive back to the isle of lewis.
the car will be getting returned to standard if anybody fancies the wheels pm me as they will be going on ebay.
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More than part of things
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Hello and welcome, looks nice. :driver:
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Spammer Zapper

Great purchase

Standard is the new modified. It's the right way to go
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NASA, just admit there's aliens :)
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Totally agree, standard is the new modified, spent nearly a grand getting my 2.3-16 replacing the boy racer mods I did back in the day lol nice car you will love it :)
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Bubbles and Mojo (dad)
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Pm sent.
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