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Mercedes Engine Misfire Problem
Topic Started: Tue Feb 6, 2018 10:11 am (134 Views)
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Motor failures to fire are a standout amongst the most well-known issues we see in numerous Mercedes-Benz autos. To be completely forthright, it isn't on account of MB autos are frail here, but since most proprietors overlook that start plugs are wear things and should be supplanted at the suggested interims. When a motor failure to fire happens on a Mercedes-Benz, you will see poor motor execution and unusual vibrations that now and again can be felt even in the driver lodge. The main thing that rings a bell when you get a motor failure to discharge is: "This will be costly." Take a full breath in light of the fact that as a rule it doesn't need to be. In this article, we examine Mercedes Engine Misfire issues, what are the most widely recognized makes that trigger failures to discharge and how analyze a motor fizzle on a Mercedes-Benz Autos
What does it mean when you have Mercedes Engine Misfire
recommended mercedes spark plugUnder normal operation, the fuel and air mixture entering the combustion chamber of your Mercedes-Benz engine ignites. When the fuel/air mixture doesnít get ignited one or more cylinders donít provide any power to turn the engine which gets detected by the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which triggers an engine misfire code.
Posted Image

Common Engine Misfire Symptoms
Depending on the type of misfire and what caused it, you will notice one or more of the following misfire symptoms:

Engine Vibrations
Loss of power
Shaking / Vibrations Noticeable at Low RPMS and idle
Vibrations go away at high RPMS typically over 3000
Engine Stalls in some cases
Poor Engine Performance
Check Engine Light
Fuel / Gasoline smell from exhaust
Blinking Check Engine Light
How to diagnose Mercedes Misfire Problems
mercedes benz fault codesMany mechanics and car owners donít like to work on Mercedes because they believe that MB cars are difficult to diagnose due to the large sensors and electronics. In our opinion, if you have the proper tools diagnosing Mercedes cars is easy. Luckily for you, the misfire codes are stored in the ECU and are very easy (and inexpensive) to retrieve. To diagnose an engine misfire on a Mercedes all you need is a generic OBD II code reader that can be bought in some cases for under 20 at your local auto parts store or on Amazonís Best Selling OBD II scanners list. If you would rather invest in an advanced OBD II scanner for Mercedes, then read our article on Top 10 Best Diagnostic Scanners for Mercedes Benz.
Posted Image

Steps to diagnose Mercedes Engine Misfire
1. Turn ignition to position II. All dash lights should be on. Donít start the car.
2. Locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard.
Posted Image
Location of OBD II port used to retrieve Mercedes-Benz fault codes.
3. Plug your OBD II scanner and let it turn on.
Posted Image

check engine light
Use an OBD II scanner to check why the Check Engine Light is ON.
4. Hit Read button to retrieve the fault codes from the ECU. You will get a code such as P0301. These are called diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).mercedes benz fault codes
For more help http://www.mercedesmedic.com/mercedes-engine-misfire-problem/

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Nice post but no all 190E have this OBD 2 port to plug in to .
Edited by optimusprime, Tue Feb 6, 2018 11:17 am.
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