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Almandine Red 190E 2.5-16v - Manual
Topic Started: Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:22 pm (447 Views)
Part of things
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Posted Image
More pictures here Please note the car will come with EVO1 wheels, standard driver's seat and an OEM steering wheel as listed below.

1989 Mercedes 190E 2.5-16v often referred to as a Cosworth. Non catalytic convertor version which is 204HP.
146k miles
MOT June 2018

No road tax included as per new rules

Can be insured on a classic car insurance policy for as little as 200 with an agreed value.

Brief specification:

  • Almandine Red
  • 5 speed manual Getrag dogleg gearbox
  • ABS brakes
  • Automatic locking differential (ASD)
  • Electric windows
  • Electric tilt & slide sunroof
  • Full black leather interior
  • Heated front seats
  • Rear headrests
  • Outside air temperature gauge
  • Illuminating vanity mirrors
  • Voltage and oil temp gauge
  • Lap timer


  • 16" EVO1 or R129 SL wheels 225/45/16 Dunlop 9000 sport tyres
  • Upgraded metal rear anti-roll drop links from a W124
  • EBC Yellowstuff pads all around
  • HEL braided brake pipes
  • Yellowspeed racing club performance monotube suspension which includes separate adjustment for rebound dampening and compression, also featuring external canisters for better heat dissipation. Adjustable pillowball camber plates. This suspension is 1,450 new on its own. There are 33 different settings on both rebound dampening and compression, at the softest setting the car is fairly comfortable and can be lived with on a day to day basis.
  • Upgraded metal thermostat housing
  • Magnecor ignition leads with lifetime warranty
  • Metal ball Ferrari Dino/355 dogleg pattern gearknob
  • Focal 100 CA1 speakers
  • Stainless steel exhaust with subtle single downturned pipe, deleted middle box 1 of 2
  • Adjustable rear camber arms
  • EVO1 splitter
  • Short shift kit

Comes with spare key, some old tax discs, vehicle manual and plenty of receipts.
I bought the car late 2012, at the time I was studying and decided to concentrate on my studies rather than messing around with cars. I bought the car with around 141,000 miles.
I did a few upgrades at the time but decided that I need to stop spending time on cars. I parked the car up after a few months of driving and it was mostly left like that for around 2 years. It was parked up between early 2013 and mid 2015, as you can see the receipts will back this up.

Brief history in the period the car has been with me.

-Full service, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs replaced along with oil change (141,000 miles)
-Accelerator cable replaced (by previous owner)
-Stainless steel exhaust fitted
-Magnecor ignition leads
-YellowSpeed Racing Club Performance suspension fitted
-HEL braided brake lines
-New Pagid Discs all around
-AP DOT 5.1 brake fluid
-EBC yellowstuff pads all around
-Hydraulic fluid replaced
- Oil Change
-Adjustable rear camber arms
-Replacement Magnecor ignition lead
-Throttle body butterfly replaced
-Distributer cap and rotor arm replaced
-Coolant temperature sensor
-Fan switch
-Air temperature sensor
-Wiper motor lubricated
-Sunroof lubricated
-New injectors
-Upgraded anti roll bar links
-New rear lower arm bushes
-Diff oil changed 143,000 miles
-Oil Change - Mobil 1
-New fuel filter
-1 of 2 exhaust middle boxes removed
-Alternator rebuilt
-Valve clearances measured and adjusted 143,229 miles
-Waterpump replaced (along with fresh MB coolant and gaskets) 143,452 miles
-New thermostat and upgraded metal thermostat housing
-Heater matrix and all relevant seals replaced
-Gearbox oil changed 144,911 miles
-Propshaft bearing support, vibration damper and propshaft coupling replaced.
- Oil Change - Mobil 1
-New Battery
-Chain tensioner replaced
-New OVP relay and radiator hose
-Fuel pressure accumulator replaced
-Oil & oil filter change, power steering fluid flushed and new filter

A lot of the above has been preventative maintenance, the car will reflect this in person. Dont mistake this for your average Mercedes 190E 2.5-16v which has been neglected, this car has been enjoyed and maintained properly with whatever it has needed, as well a few upgrades along the way. Any little clips/screws/clamps etc. have been renewed with original parts from Mercedes.
This car is an absolute joy to drive, it has always been a second car which is why it has been driven so little recently, most of the mileage has been late 2015 onwards. It has generally only been driven on weekends, and is kept in a dry brick garage. The oil has been changed every few thousand miles.

The bodywork is nice and clean, free of scratches/dents etc. The front end of the car has been painted recently.
This car has no rust in the usual places, for prevention all four arches have been undersealed in an OEM like coating.
No real changes to the exterior apart from the 16 EVO1 wheels which are very much an OEM style upgrade and the EVO1 front splitter. The wheels have some of the usual marks, kerbed lips and some corrosion, these were my spare wheels so never bothered to tidy these up. The headlight wipers have been removed to make the front end look smoother, but will be included with the car if you wish to refit. Lastly I bought a brand new set of boot badges, but I quite liked the look of the car without the 2.5-16v and 190E badges, these again will be included in the sale.

The interior is pretty much all black with the seats in good condition, everything works including the lap timer which often doesnt due to the display bleeding. All other dials/gauges work as they should. The seats were done by Recaro and they did an awesome job on the rear seats too, as they are very comfy!
The black door cards are in good condition apart from a small nick to the drivers side rear door card.
The front speakers have been upgraded to Focal 100 CA1 speakers and these work well with the Becker Indianapolis head unit Ive been using, unfortunately the head unit wont be included in the sale.
The rear parcel shelf has been retrimmed, this means it no longer has any rear speakers but again a pair of OEM blaupunkt speakers will be included in the sale.

This 190E handles superb on the uprated suspension so is a lot of fun on twisty roads, the OEM discs with EBC yellowstuff pads are very effective. The rear tyres were new in 2015 so have covered very little mileage and you can still see the little rubber bits on the edge that new tyres have. The fronts have around 4-5mm with some camber wear, which I have now swapped around to ensure they wear evenly. Ive been running few degrees of negative camber, but this can be adjusted very easily with the pillowball camber adjustable top mounts.

The car is smooth on the move as you would expect of any Mercedes, there are no knocks etc.
The original suspension is included in the sale, in case you wanted to reinstate this. (from what I remember this was in working order, only reason this was replaced was for the better adjustability and possible track use.)

The engine pulls smoothly all the way through the rev range, the dogleg pattern manual gearbox is smooth with the usual characteristic of being a little notchy which many of the car reviewers mentioned when the car was released.
The gearbox oil has been changed at 144,911, the car has always been run with Shell V-power and the diff oil was changed at around 143,000.
The previous owner mentioned the head was rebuilt at some point, but I have nothing to back this up. There are no nasty noises from the engine/timing chain.
As mentioned the oil has been changed more frequently than it has ever needed to be, especially for how much it has been driven.
I checked and adjusted valve clearances in January 2016 at 143,229 as they were starting to get a little noisy (some of the inlet side ones were loose).

Extras available on request
- Momo Prototipo steering wheel
- Recaro Pole position with Schroth harness and slide rail
- Planted seat bases
- Nankang NS2-R Semi Slick tyres 225/45/16

I also have a few other parts which can be included at a price.

Here you have a very good useable example retro/classic car that will make you smile every time you get in it (it certainly has for me!), only reason for sale is to concentrate on my W108 project which requires the space that this is currently occupying. I know I will regret selling this but unfortunately there are so many other cars out there that Id like to experience!

14,500 OVNO

Located in Dronfield (10mins south of Sheffield) or can be made available in Leicester for viewing on certain weekends. Message me on here and I will provide my phone number to contact me on.
Edited by Haris, Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:37 pm.
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VAG Parts bin refugee
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Haris, you have a PM. :D
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Fantastic car and cheap too! Very cheap!
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Looks superb, GLWS!
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looks awesome, love the zender turbos! very reasonably priced with all that work done.
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Bubbles and Mojo (dad)
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Beautiful car.
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Wow......what a car and echoing everyone elses thoughts........its priced on the cheap side and a proper bargain for someone.

What are the plans for the wheels and seats that are not included in the sale?
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Part of things
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Thanks for the comments guys. I thought I'd keep the price realistic.

I've seen similar cars priced at 20k plus from dealers (for example). It has all the right ingredients, manual, 2.5-16v and black leather heated seats.

The wheels are being kept and will not be for sale at any point, the seat and steering wheel will be available.

Edited by Haris, Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:01 am.
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